Essay On Women Empowerment In English 150, 300 Words

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Women empowerment is a powerful phrase that denotes making women eligible for earning and making their own decision.  They have the intelligence and ability to step forward with men and contribute to the development of the country. Students are asked to write an essay on Women empowerment in the examination. Here are some long and short essays on women’s empowerment for them.

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Short Essay On Women Empowerment 150 Word

Women Empowerment

Introduction: Womanhood is an independent entity that is often ignored by society. They have equal contribution to the cultural, social, and national up-gradation. Women empowerment stands for removing all kinds of discrimination against women.

How to establish the right of women: A nation can’t progress without the help of women. Most of the girls of our country grow up with a common inferiority complex. the patriarchal structure of society makes them demotivated to compete with the boys. But, it’s high time to change the scenario and the change should be started from the family.

Rights of women: In Article no. 28, Chapter 3 of the Bangladesh constitution women’s fundamental rights are described. Nowadays women are participating in administration, business, and many other platforms. They show their progress in cricket, the Olympics, and the commonwealth game.

Conclusion: There is a common concept that women are weak and they are not worth going outside of the home. But now women prove the concept wrong and they can progress when they are provided a suitable environment and opportunity.

Essay On Women Empowerment 300 Words

Women Empowerment

Introduction: Women are deprived of the facilities and opportunities of modern days. They can’t adopt science and technology easily as they are forced to stay at home once. In earlier days the women are treated as the object of the home whose main responsibility is to stay at home and do the household work. Nowadays they come out of home and take equal part in a national and international platform.

Previous condition of Women in society: As from the very beginning of civilization out society is male-dominated women remain in the darkness for long days. They suffered from domestic violence, sexual harassment, and physical torture. They can’t go outside for work like a man. Though the scenario has been changed gradually, once their condition was very bad.

The necessity of women’s empowerment: A nation can’t reach its desired goal of development without the help of women. They consume more than half of the total population. If they remain ignorant and unemployed, they can’t take part in a developing country and become a burden of a country. An empowered woman can stand for the right with her bold decision.

Way of empowering a woman: To bring women into the mainstream of life proper education is a must. The social right of a human being has to be ensured strictly for the woman. To implement all the rights of a women law should be enforced. Many working women face problems in their workplace because of gender discrimination, and sexual harassment.  The authority should take the necessary steps to make their workplace secure.

Conclusion: Empowered women turned into the assets of a country. They can give direction and take part in economic and political issues. If the equal right of women can be secured, they will add a new dimension to the growth of society.

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