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Corruption is a curse for a nation that can decrease the progress of a developing country. It is an evil act that is done by someone by going against his personal and religious ethics. Corruption like bribery, having extra privileges and embezzlement make the person snatch the right of common people. Students are often asked to write an essay on corruption in the examination. Here is an essay on corruption for students. Let’s learn more about it. 

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Essay On Corruption 250 To 300 Words In English

Introduction: Corruption is the outcome of the dishonesty and unethical characteristics of individuals. It engulfs the system through the misuse of power. By means of corruption, a person of a group deceived the common people and illegally compromise the facilities or rights of others. It is a shameful criminal activity that should be punished strictly.

Types of Corruption: There are different types of Corruption. Bribery is the most common type of them which means taking gifts, money, or help in exchange for a certain favor. The greed of people makes them commit such a sin. Embezzlement or beholding someone’s asset unlawfully to snatch it is another profane action that results from the selfish behavior of a human being. Stealing documents, having graft, Extortion, nepotism, influence peddling, and forgery are also included in corruption that people commit to gathering more money and asset nowadays.

How to weep out Corruption: Corruption is the silent killer of the continuous progression of a nation. It is harmful not only for a particular company but also dangerous for the whole country. If corruption spread the powerful positions are occupied with an incompetent human source. As unskilled person can’t improve their financial condition through development, they choose the way of corruption to make money. In order to swap out the curse of corruption law enforcement is a must. The government should be stricter to employ an efficient person and fast circulation of the working process. 

Conclusion: The practice of equality can erase corruption from our society. Moreover, proper learning and a strong ethical upbringing can help an individual to remain away from committing corruption. Thus, the small steps help to uproot the corruption from a country.

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