Deforestation Short Paragraph In English

Deforestation Short Paragraph for students

Deforestation is the result of environmental pollution. Due to the lacking of people’s awareness men cut down trees unnecessarily. This makes environment pollution. Deforestation is the effective result of it. Deforestation short paragraphs are very common for a student. It is an important and common paragraph for examination. Here, present the deforestation short paragraph in easy form.

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Deforestation Short  Paragraph 150 Words


Forest destruction unnecessary is called deforestation. Cutting down trees a lot is the main culprit for this situation. People are the main sponsor and also the main victim of this. Because it causes an ecologically damaged environment. Flora and fauna are destroyed. The total food chain is destroying it day by day. Deforestation has long and short both types of effects. Many wildlife animals and plants are getting to lose their shelter. Especially herbivorous wildlife are depending on trees for their survival. Not enough that, the climate is changing for this.

Earth’s temperature is rising due to the loss of trees. That is called ‘Global Warming ‘.Cleaning the forest area man is making residential areas or industrial areas. By taking some peace we give a long-term effect on the environment and earth. The only recycling process of planting trees can recover deforestation. Planting trees to save the earth is the responsibility of people. Besides taking care and raising awareness is another way to remove deforestation.

Paragraph On Deforestation 230 Words


Cutting down trees and vegetation from forest areas is known as ‘Deforestation ‘. Many reasons are responsible for this. The growth rate of people, lack of awareness, residential requirement, industrial requirement, etc. are responsible. Deforestation is a bad alarming for our future earth. Every country has at least 25 percent of the forest area according to its total area. But it is very difficult to keep it. We lose many wildlife species.

Our food chain is changing day by day. Because of our climate change. All of these are the result of deforestation.  People are removing forest areas and making their residential areas. But this forest area is working as a barrier to wind storming. Sometimes it is the main source of the livelihood for some people. Trees lock soil loss in the flooding season. Give shelter for animals. Communities are suffering due to cutting down trees. Then animals are attacking the local area and causing a worse situation. Deforestation caused environmental pollution.

Climate change is also to deforestation. More people need more area, shelter, food, and other rights. But by maintaining a planning way we can meet all the requirements. Cutting down forest areas unnecessary is not the right way. We should follow a guideline so that we can solve both sides. The utilization of rules for cutting down forest areas is important. More trees planting is the best and another way of recovering from deforestation. We can do it in the fallow area. Such as both sides of roads, railway lines, the fallow area in our homestead, etc.

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