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The Computer is a very essential electronic device. The computer can do data processing and storage a large amount of data. Nowadays all of the classes students are somehow know about the computer. Because ICT is the compulsory subject from class five to higher secondary. This computer essay may work for all kinds of students as a helping hand.

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Computer Essay In English 290 Words


Introduction: From students’ studies to office work nowadays everywhere the computer is working as the main device. People can easily do a lot of work within few time. The computer can save also data as a large amount. People can connect with the world and also do work from home.

The invention of the Computer: Charles Babbage is the founder of the computer. It was working in the ‘Analytical Engine’ mood. After passing time now we get an updated version including modern technology. Charge Babbage is also known as “Father of Computer”. Analog, Hybrid, and Digital are the three types of computers.

Parts and Working process of Computer: The computer has mainly two parts hardware and software. And it is following a working system. Firstly input, secondly Processing, and thirdly Output. Then store it. The central processing unit is known as the CPU.

Mouse, keyboard, touch screen, scanner, etc. are working as input devices. Printers, monitors, etc. are working as an output device.

Uses of Computer: The computer is very familiar with its speed and working ability. In different offices, stations, schools, colleges, hospitals everywhere computer sorts out people’s pressure. The computer also put itself in aerospace, outsourcing, science, research, education, and also another important sector. By using a computer we can connect with globalization.

Demerits of Computer: For a long time working it creates headaches and is harmful to the eye. Labour unemployment, dependency, trolls, exploitation, depressions, anti-social are other sites of computer demerits.

Conclusion: The computer is a great blessing of science. By using it in a proper way we get benefits from it. We should concern about its use and demerits site.

Note: Students are reading a computer essay for passing the exam. They also know about computers’ merits and demerits it.