Long And Short Paragraph On Sports 150, 250 Words

A sportsman leads a healthy and systematic life. Students of different classes are often asked to write about the sports in the examination. Let read some short and long Paragraph on sports for

Short Paragraph On Dog In English 150, 250 Words

A dog is mostly known as a household animal that is kept as a pet. It is a faithful and friendly animal that can be ferocious and bite the miscreants to protect the owner. A dog has four tiny legs and a curved tail. It eats meat and flashes with the help of its canine

Paragraph On Myself In English For Students

My name is………. I am thirteen and a student of class eight. I am the only son of my parents, and I belong to a large combined family. I like to spend time with my grandparents in my leisure as they tell me old and interesting

Write Long And Short Paragraph On Health is Wealth For Student

. Paragraph On Health is Wealth contains an intense explanation about the value of health for earning wealth. Health has more value than wealth. Success, money, peace, enjoyment depends on health. Only healthy people have hope, and they make an effort to complete their dream. They can work to earn

Paragraph On My Best Friend For Children, And Students

we need a company in our lives, and we can't go into this age of global relationships without friendship. A friend means a person who has feelings of friendship. Paragraph On My Best Friend article helps you know about a true friend's

Long And Short Paragraph On Lion 100, 150, 250 Words

The lion is one of the most powerful animals in the animal kingdom. Lions usually have more strong muscles. Their heads are round and furry. Their fur is grayish-yellow in color, and their body is brown. Lions are carnivores and very protective animals. Due to its high hunting ability and keen

Long And Short Paragraph On Animals

Animals flourish the biodiversity and create a world of amusement. There is some long and short paragraph on animals that students are often asked to answer in their examination. Let's dive

Paragraph On Importance of Trees 100,150,250 Words

The tree makes the world comfortable to live in. It provides the most important component to the earth that is oxygen. The importance of trees is inevitable. There are some paragraphs on the importance of trees which the students may be asked to answer in the