Write A Rainy Day Paragraph In English

A rainy day is very significant after the scorching heat of summer. It makes the weather calm and spread freshness in nature. The dust and nasty things of our surroundings get washed and the greenery is visualized

Write A Book Fair Paragraph For JSC, SSC, And HSC

Books are the most trustworthy friend of human beings. To build character and moral side of human mind books plays the most important role. Many people love to read books. Book fairs are arranged to influence writers and book

Paragraph On Garden For All Class Students

The students of different classes were most often asked to write a Paragraph on the garden. As it is a common hobby for many of us we all know about gardening. Let’s learn a few more about

Paragraph On Computer For All Class Students

The computer is the blessings of modern science and technology. We can’t omit the contribution of computers to the development of today’s life. A computer is a speedy electronic device that can process, retrieve, store and output data and

Paragraph On Parents For All Class Students

They are the light bearer and the most beautiful blessing of God. Their sacrifices and dedications in our upbringing are beyond description. There is some long and short paragraph on parents for the students of a different

Long And Short Paragraph On Happiness 150, 250 Words

Happiness is a natural and heavenly feeling of satisfaction. A person feels happy when his wish comes true. It is the blessings of God for which a person craves for his lifelong. People define happiness in their own ways. Some try to be happy with their regular duty whereas some find happiness in doing something

Paragraph On Online Classes For All Students

With the continuous progress of science and technology, acquiring knowledge through online classes become the easiest way of learning. In online classes, students can attend classes from different parts of the world. As it reduces the geographical distance and bounding of time, the teacher can conduct the class from anywhere they

Paragraph On Football In English 150, 250 Words

Football is the most famous and enthusiastic game that is played and enjoyed wholeheartedly all over the world. Apart from the Chinese controversy about the invention of football, the game is invented in England in the mid-19th century.