Bachelor Of Science In Tourism Management

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The Bachelor of Science in tourism management is an exclusive career, consolidated with tough business bases and sustainability. It takes place from the requirement to contribute to one of the major economic development branches, with ethical awareness and admiration for cultural heritage, highlighting the best virtues of the world.

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Train professionals in Tourism Management able to generate sustainable tourism projects, departments, and services in tourism companies. It cooperates in the development of public policies to favor business competitiveness, and manage resources.  The major purpose is to contribute to scientific research to combine cooperation links between government, business, and society, with a focus on the private, public, and institutional sectors.

As professionals, students are characterized by their leadership, use of scientific research as a tool for decision-making, honest and honest behavior.  Professionals are working patiently and proactively, collaboratively with persistence, interpersonal relationships, and responsibility. That develops to generate proposals and the economic, cultural, and environmental growth of the communities receiving the tourist activity, covering the needs of tourists and creating spirited destinations.

Meet the curriculum

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The Bachelor of Science in tourism management study program allows our students to build up leadership skills, scientific research skills for decision making, and the chance to prefer between the different optional subjects of specialization: Gastronomic Services, Hotel management, Museum management, Animation and recreation, Inclusive Tourism, Promotion, and advertising, among others. The Bachelor of Science in tourism management has two main areas that you can target:

• Tourism Administration

• Destination development

Admission Profile

Students interested in studying the Bachelor of Tourism Management, must show a dynamic profile, with honest and complete behavior and skills to work collaboratively, and proactively, as well as with interpersonal relationships and social liability skills.

Graduate Profile

  • As a graduate of the Bachelor of Tourism Management, you will have the capability to:
  • Manage resources, departments, and services in tourism companies
  • Make sustainable tourism projects at the national and international levels
  • Contribute to scientific research to consolidate cooperation links between government, society, and business
  • Cooperate in the development of public policies to promote competitiveness in business
  • Build up academic research activities.

International Program

  • As part of the vision of Internationalization and looking to train planetary students, the degree in tourism management has Traditional modalities.
  • Students also have the opportunity to carry out activities such as academic exchanges, study trips, and professional practices abroad, which will improve their university experience.

Admission Profile

The applicant for the educational program must comply with the following evaluable characteristics:

  • Possess logical-mathematical reasoning skills.
  • Have the fundamentals of Law and History.
  • Show communication skills in the English language.
  • Show reading comprehension skills.
  • Show interest in matters of planning, organization, and development of business and tourist destinations.
  • Show interest in service and customer service.
  • I have an interest in studying foreign languages.
  • Have a leadership attitude.

Labor Field

Graduates with a Bachelor of Science in tourism management Degree develop a flexible profile that will let them continue a professional career in areas such as Tourism companies, event organizations, non-governmental organizations, government institutions, academia, and research. The Bachelor of Tourism Management provides its graduates with the knowledge, creating synergy between organizations, skills, and competencies to be a leader in tourism, government, academia, and companies.

Specific Competences

Make sustainable tourism projects through strategic planning and cooperation processes, attach to public policies and business needs to contribute to the economic and environmental development of local, national, and international destinations. Participate in research projects through the application of the scientific method. The consolidation of collaborative networks considering the new trends that the market demands contributes to improvement proposals in the progress of destinations for the advantage of the tourism sector.

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