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Air is an important and essential element of the environment. Every year students are facing paragraphs about air pollution in the examination. We are trying here to present a paragraph to supply proper information on the air pollution paragraph. Please stay with us to keep patient and don’t be hopeless.

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Air Pollution Paragraph 160 Words

Air Pollution

No people can live without air. Our breathing action is just stopped without an air supply. But if this air contains any harmful element which is caused by serious effect is called air pollution. For different causes air is polluted day by day. And as human beings, we have the responsibility to sort out this problem. Smoke is the main cause of making pollution. The smoke is produced from a different source. Such as from different types of vehicles, industries, during cooking with wood, firing, powerhouses burn coal, etc. On the other hand, overpopulation is also an effective cause. More people need more shelter and land. So, they cut down trees unnecessarily which is also responsible for air pollution.

To give a healthy aired world to our next generation give attention to stop this air pollution. At first, identify the reason and its solution. Then make shaking hands between govt. and common people to apply different actions. Make an alternative way to handle to meet up the overpopulations’ demand.

Air Pollution Paragraph 230 Words

Air Pollution

Air pollution is defined when it contains such type of element which is harmful to health and caused disease or irritation is called air pollution. From polluted air to different types, disease breaks down epidemically. Air is the part and parcel of any living animal and it faces serious hamper due to different reasons. Air is polluted from smoke mainly. From different types of vehicles such as motor cars, railway engines, different water vehicles.

Smoke is also released from different industries, mills, or factories. During the cooking time with wood and brickfields also create smoke. Garbage or unsanitary latrine produces a bad smell which also makes pollution. Air is termed as polluted when it brings any diseases also. Air pollution creates breathing problems and causes different types of diseases. If we don’t care about this, our next generation can’t live happily and get suffer. Unnecessary cut down trees for excess population burden also cause air pollution.

It is time to identify an effective and successful solution for removing air pollution. Make alternative ways to fulfill the excess people’s necessaries. Use modern technologized vehicles to stop smoke. Apply acts and laws against who is responsible for making air pollution. Mass media also play a great role to increase awareness about air pollution. Try to give proper training to drivers and traffic police to do their work properly. If we apply all the possible solutions thing that we can remove air pollution.