Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Classes For Students

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With the blessings of the internet, learning has become very easy for epistemophilic. The recent pandemic situation makes distance learning an obvious demand of time. Internet-based online classes are the prominent learning method in today’s world. The traditional process of institutional education has been shuttered due to covid -19. Though there are many advantages and disadvantages of online classes in a worldwide pandemic situation it saved the whole education system from a complete shutdown. Different educational institutions are giving priority to online classes than the classroom-based learning process of their respective institutions.

It allows students to attend classes at any time at home. The teachers are also getting the benefit of conducting classes from his or her residence. In the case of higher education, many students are deprived of getting access to institutional education due to the geographical distance. Today, with the benefit of technology, this problem has been solved through online classes. But there are some differences between online classes and practical intuitional knowledge. Let dive deeper into the Advantages and disadvantages of online classes.

Requirements Of Online Classes

Online classes support the teachers and students to continue their teaching and learning process from home and abroad. Students can concentrate on learning effectively and develop a very efficient skill of communication. But there are many advantages and disadvantages of online classes during lockdown.  Sometimes the basic requirements create obstacles in online classes. The most common requirements of online classes are:

  • To attend an online class you need to have an electronic device like a smartphone, or laptop.
  • As an online class is conduct by internet nonstop supply of internet connection is a must to attend classes.
  • Distance learning is not a book-oriented learning system. You can get a collaboration of different learning tools in online classes.
  • The students have to attend their registered online classes from the different corners of the country or world at a time.

Advantages Of Online Classes

Online classes help students to be versatile. A lot of time has been saved through the online class as nobody needs to attend classes physically. Besides that, there are a lot of positive outcomes of the online class. These are:

Proper use of time:

The online class helps to use time more productively and efficiently than any other medium of learning. It can connect students with various learning tools within a short time. So, learning becomes faster and effective than that of the past method.

The flexibility of learning:   

Online classes are very popular for their flexibility at it is bounded by geographical and cultural barriers. It allows students from different cultures and create an open place of communication. Students can connect and maintain good relations with each other without any interference.

Availability of classes:

In traditional institutions, teachers and students need to attend the class in due time. The progression of the class can be not stopped for a single student’s emergency absence or departure. But online classes allow you to record the class and learn from that further.

Satisfaction of participants:

Generally, teachers and students attend their online classes from their convenient place. It helps to keep attention for a long time without being distracted by noise or pollution. Face-to-face connections make students discuss their various problems directly with the teacher.

 Growth of technical skills:

 As online classes are an internet-based learning process it makes students curious to learn a thing deeply. They try to explore a topic on the internet that gives a boost to their knowledge. With the growth of technical skills, they become familiar with the core and advancement of knowledge.

Disadvantages Of Online Classes

Online classes are not a one-sided coin of benefits only. It also has some disadvantages which create obstacles in teaching and learning. It is not easy to check the learning of all students from distance. The disadvantages of online classes are:

Increasing dependency on online:

Online classes introduce easy learning methods to all that make them demotivated to research a book. It makes the student get the ready solution in one click. Moreover, no direct communication between instructors and students creates an inadequate progression of education.  

Lack of Comprehensive Supervision:

It is not possible to supervise every single student in online classes. These classes are largely student-centered where teachers just deliver their topic thoroughly. The continuous process reduces the quality of education.

Debouchment from practical learning:

In a big scenario, the student of engineering students needs to involve in the laboratory to attend practical classes to learn about the real functionalities of machines and instruments. Again, medical students need to attend practical classes to observe the patients and examine them. Online classes can never provide a practical environment for them. Peer learning is not possible offline which create distance among classmate.

Problems of connectivity:

You must have an internet connection with the device while taking the class as the online classes are internet-based. Many students cannot take classes due to unstable internet connections. On the other hand, many poor students fail to bear the cost of a smart communication device or the cost of the internet. As a result, they become deprived of the learning of online classes.

Deviation of concentration:

Many students do not pay attention to the class while sitting at home. They cheat their teacher and remain busy with their task like gaming, chatting on social media, etc. During an online class. As the teacher can’t look over so many students online, they deceived the teacher, and their learning remains incomplete.

Lack of authenticity:

Some fraudulent online classes take away a lot of money and time from the students by naming the class. Because of the pandemic, many students become dependent on distance learning online. But they become deceived as there is no proof of the authenticity. Moreover, many students do not value online classes.

Differences Between Online And Offline Classes

There are huge differences between online and offline classes. Both systems have some pros and cons. With the progression of science and technology, anybody can acquire knowledge from the internet. But the education that can be provided by the institution through classroom teaching, can never be ensured by online teaching. But in online classes can engage more students than offline because of their easy ongoing process.

Nowadays the classroom of schools and colleges are highly enriched with projectors, computers, and other necessary devices. So, a student can learn not only from a natural environment but also from some enriched resources. In contrast, in online-based classes, each student can remain in touch with the instructor online. So, they can get solutions from their teacher whenever they need help. Online classes fail to meet some facilities like practical classes and observation skill development.

Again, teachers face problems while going to evaluate and mark students’ progress. The problem doesn’t arise in offline classes. But, the option of one-touch MCQ and computer assignment, quiz, google form is not available in offline classes. So, you can’t check the plagiarism of writing on the paper sheet. The school and colleges of big cities are situated besides busy roads. So, operating a class seems hazardous because of noise and pollution. Though online classes don’t need to face this problem it creates boredom among teachers and students because of the lack of movement.  

How To Overcomes The Shortcomings Of Online Classes

As the day depends on technology and online classes are inevitable for us, we have to overcome the disadvantages of online classes. It’s not possible to fix up all the shortcomings but some can be managed with the interference of parents and teachers.

 The most prominent obstacle that students face to attending online classes is the lack of devices. School-going and college students are not allowed to use a smartphone. Again, all students can’t effort to buy any smart device for their online education purpose. In that case, the institution can provide a device to the student in an easy installment and allow it to use in parent’s observation.

The other thing that creates the problem of online classes is the lack of adequate internet connection. Moreover, students face the problem to become regular in classes because of the cost of the internet package. So, the government should ensure internet facilities at a low price for the convenience of students.


In the light of the above, it can be said that online class is a very important learning method at present. Although there are some drawbacks, the practical side of online classes is very bright. Students can study any subject of their choice in the online class system. If the online class is institution-based, students can manage their time and attend classes anywhere at any time. It has a vast range of facilities to room in the world of online knowledge.

Apart from the advantages and disadvantages of online classes, it has become a demand of time nowadays. Online classes are the only way which give a motion to the education system in a recent emergency. Proper use of it can lead a country to the pinnacle of development.