What Do You Know About Computer Input And Output Devices

About Computer Input And Output Devices Detalies

Introduction: The computer is a device, which is used to do different types of tasks. It is a machine with some parts to do its work. Some features work as an input way and some result as to output way. However, some also work in both input and output ways. Now, we are going to know about computer input and output devices.

What is a Computer?

The computer is a machine to perform data processing and different type of jobs, and then it is called the computer. After completing data processing, it turns into information, and people get benefit from it. But the whole process is passed out through some computer input and output devices. Without these parts, the computer is nothing but a useless machine.

What are Input Devices?

Input devices are called when devices are used to supply instructions and data to the computer for processing, then they are known as the input devices. Depending on job type and data processing, various types of input devices need to attach. Some more user input devices are the keyboard, gamepad, cameras, barcode reader, graphic tablets, etc.

List of Input Devices of Computer

Though input devices of a computer vary from one model to another model. But some are similar for all computer models. Here we present the maximum type of input devices for the computer. They are-

  • Graphic tablets
  • Digital camera
  • Joystick
  • Video capture hardware
  • MIDI keyboard
  • Gamepad
  • Barcode reader
  • Cameras
  • Scanner
  • Microphone
  • Webcam
  • Touchpad’s
  • Mouse
  • OMR
  • Microphone
  • OCR
  • Magnetic tape drive
  • Punch card reader
  • MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Reader)
  • Electronic Whiteboard
  • Pen input
  • Trackballs

The usefulness of Input Devices

  • To input any history or information or data by using the keyboard.
  • The touchpad works as an alternative way of a mouse.
  • The tracker ball is most important for physical disabilities persons.
  • To get faster and 3D quality need a joystick.
  • To input any voice record.
  • To input, any document hardcopy needs a scanner.
  • To read any symbolic sign through OMR, OCR or MICR, etc.

What are Output Devices?

Those devices are used by the computer to show the results of any data processing or task, and then they are called output devices. For displaying anything need a monitor, or printer to get a hard copy. All of these are included in the output devices. Monitors or printers are a prevalent type of output device of the computer. Some other examples are plotters, microfiche, speaker, projector, film recorder, etc.

List of Output Devices of Computer

Output devices need to deliver the output from the data processing. Here we present some particular types of output devices besides the standard types. They are-

  • LCD Projection panels
  • Plotters
  • Monitor (LCD, LED, CRT, etc.)
  • Headphone
  • Microfiche
  • Projector
  • Speaker
  • Film recorder
  • Visual Display Unit
  • COM (Computer Output Microfilm)
  • Printers
  • Holograms

The usefulness of Output Devices

  • To get the output as a hard copy from the printer.
  • To sketch good quality drawings by the plotter.
  • To see all of the things on the monitor.
  • To present your presentation before the audience through a projector.
  • To hear any announcement or sound from the speaker.
  • To make 3D quality graphics.
  • To record any important thing by film recorder.

What are Computer Input And Output Devices

When the devices are attending both operational functions of input and output devices, then they are called input &output devices—for example, modem, facsimile, headsets, audio cards, network cards, etc. What are the both Input & Output Devices?

Already we know about the input devices and output devices of the computer. Now we are presenting some devices that are ready to do work as both computer input and output devices. They are-

  • Modem
  • Touch Screen
  • Headsets
  • Network cards
  • Facsimile
  • Audio cards
  • Sound cards


The computer is a handy machine and to keep balance with a modern digitalized world, you need a good quality computer. From the above content, we already know about computer input and output devices and understand the usefulness of these devices.

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