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A magazine refers to the collection of writings, paintings, and documentaries. In school, pupils are generally asked to write A school magazine paragraph in examination to judge their knowledge about it. Here is a paragraph on A school magazine for the students of different classes. 

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School Magazine

A school magazine is a periodical journal of the writings. The students and teachers are the main contributors to a school magazine. Almost all renowned schools published a yearly magazine from school. It reflects the educational quality and creativity of the students of a school.

In a school magazine, students can publish their different types of writings. Essay, Poetry, song, short stories, jokes, cartoons, and articles on varieties of the topic are usually published in a magazine. Many students like to submit their paintings and innovative food recipe to be published in their school magazine.

To publish a school magazine the school authority organizes a committee.  The committee contains members from different posts like chief patron, adviser, editor, and proofreaders.  The adviser directs the students about the writing topic and other formalities. He also instructs class representatives to gather all the collection from the students. Then the members of the committee select the writings from the collection. The selected writing has been sent to the editor and proofreader for further checking.

Publishing a school magazine is also part and parcel of learning. It increases the collaboration of teacher and student. It makes them work in a team to arrange everything. It helps to develop their life skills like creativity, imagination, communication, collaboration, and leadership.

A school magazine can awake the inner poet of a student. Printed writing inspired them to dream of being writers, poets, journalists, or literary people. The magazine portrays the achievements of the school. The ex-students can recollect their memories of school days and feel proud of their school.