A Paragraph On Mobile Phone For Students

A- Paragraph on Mobile Phone

Paragraph About Mobile Phone 165 Word

Mobile Phone

A mobile phone is one kind of portable telephone. A great discovery of science. We get and send news, play game, time, calculator, etc. everything from the phone. Now the world is getting like a village which can call a global village. As a result, we feel in touch with one another. But there present also some negative reviews. Some people use a mobile phone in the wrong way. They do the crime, terrorism over the mobile phone. Radiation which comes out from a mobile phone during use is not good for health. Sometimes it causes cancer and abnormalities. A mobile phone is a valuable blessing for us. We should not make overuse of it. Stay keep in blessing it is our responsibility to stop the negative impact. Proper care and awareness from begging are essential. Especially for children because their mind is very soft. And they are not able to find good or bad from the begging point. So, we have to take care of it.

Alternative Paragraph On Mobile Phone / Cell Phone 245 Word

Mobile Phone

A mobile phone is a very useful device for us. Without the wire, it works like a telephone system. A mobile phone system is changing after a certain time. Call rate, internet speed, get up, facilities are changing day by day. Now we can find anything or any news from google within a very short time via mobile phone. People can communicate at home or abroad through it. Wonderful wonders of science mobile phones add a new dimension to our lifestyle. Through the mobile phone we get news, knowledge, play games, can record audio and video, share feelings. Not only this, we pay a bill, receive money, send money via mobile phone. Every equation has the opposite reaction. So, the mobile phone has some injurious effect. Our young generation is slowing down due to the overuse of it. The addiction to the internet and it affects in their youth. When they should pass time through playing in the field they pass time on a mobile phone. Terrorism, crime, bad addiction, pornography, etc. are increasing day by day. A mobile phone is a wonderful blessing for human beings. Ever time it is changing and updating. We come closer to each other. With increasing, internet speed phone call bills also increasing. To stop money and time wastage behind the mobile phone we should take care of its use and abuse. To get a harmless world we should use a mobile phone in the right way.

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