A Farmer Paragraph Or The Life Of A Farmer

A farmer is a very familiar person in an agricultural-based country. The students of different classes are most often asked to write A farmer paragraph in the examination. There are some paragraphs on A farmer for the students.

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Short A Farmer Paragraph 150 Word


A farmer cultivates lands and grows crops. He usually lives in rural areas or villages of the country. He is a very industrious person who works hard in the field from morning till night. During the time of harvesting, a farmer spends more busy time. Though he lives hand to mouth, the field full of crops makes them smile. A farmer grows paddy, jute, grains, seasonal vegetables, and spices.

A farmer plays the most important role in the economy of an agricultural country.  He grows different types of crops for the country’s people and export. Our country earns a lot of money by exporting paddy but it can meet up the basic need of their life. Most of the farmers in our country don’t have their land to cultivate. So, he earns very little from the crops that he has grown in the field. Government should take the necessary steps to improve the condition of the farmer.

The Life of a Farmer Paragraph 200 Word

The Life of a Farmer

A farmer is the most common person in an agricultural country. Usually, He lives a very poor life in the village area. He wakes up early morning and goes to the field after having a very little breakfast. Generally, a farmer works all day long and earns his livelihood by hearing work and sweating. He uses a wooden plow and cows for plowing his field. The farmer grows grains, vegetable fruits, jute, and many other foods.

The growth of An agricultural country depends mostly on the growth of food and agro. So farmers are considered the most important person in a country. Though a farmer works hard in the field for bumper crops, most of the time he does not get the expected result. The lack of modern farming knowledge makes them follow ancient ways of farming. Many of them don’t familiar with the modern types of machinery for farming which can make their task easier. Moreover, A farmer needs to struggle with many shortcomings in their life. Sometimes natural calamities destroy their houses, cattle, and crops.

A farmer is an asset to the country as he chooses to do the most tiresome job for the betterment of society. Government should set up some plans to bring up the farmer into the mainstream.

Long A Farmer Paragraph 250 Words


A farmer is the only person who is connected to cultivation, growing food for the country. He leads a very poor and marginal life. He works hard in the field to prepare the land, sow seeds, and take care of the plants till those are abandoned with bumper crops. But he couldn’t earn much from farming as most of the farmers don’t have their land to cultivate.

The economy of a country depends on the growth of food and agriculture of a country. So, farmers are the most important person in a country.  He never improves their condition by farming. A farmer gets up in the early morning and goes to his field. Many of them do not have modern equipment for farming like tractors, seeding machines, or harvesting devices. So, he has to work hard from morning till evening for a good harvest. Nonstop Manual hardship makes the farmer sick.

Moreover, natural calamities like floods droughts and cyclones come as a curse to them. Though the season of rain is the season of blessings for a farmer sometimes excess rainfall causes floods. It damages the golden crops of the field. On the other hand, He could hardly manage fertilizer or pesticides for the crops. As a result, he has to deal with many problems all year round to bring out a good harvest.

To ensure agricultural development government should pay attention to the improve the condition of the farmers. If the farmers are provided appropriate teaching on farming methods and modern farming equipment, they contribute a lot to the country’s economy.

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